How to Write Figures to Words (Numerals to Words)?

Practice Unlimited Questions

1. Understanding the need for writing numbers in words

When numbers are written in words, they make more sense and they are easy to understand.

When you say a number, you don't read out the digits, you say it by its value.

For example:
  • Sheena has 382 stamps. You say, Sheena has three hundred and eighty two stamps. You don't say she has three-eight-two stamps.
  • Your family bought a house for $1 000 000. Someone asked you how much you paid for the house. You are more likely to answer that you bought the house for one million dollars, rather than one-zero-zero-zero-zero-zero-zero dollars.

Some exceptions to this rule where you don't say numbers by their value are:
  • Phone numbers
  • Pin numbers
  • Zip codes

2. How do you write the number 50 076 723 in words?

To write a number in words, you place the digits in their respective place values as follows:

Step 1: Group the digits in groups of 3 starting from the right.

Step 2: The 3 digits in orange are in the least important place value; they are read as seven hundred and twenty-three.

Step 3: The next three digits are in the thousands group; they are read as seventy-six thousand.

Step 4: The last three (in our case, only two) are in the millions group; they are read as fifty million.

So the number becomes, from left to right, fifty million, seventy-six thousand, seven hundred and twenty-three.

3. A farming company harvested 7 329 498 mangoes last year. Write this number in words.

So, in words, 7 329 498 mangoes is seven million, three hundred and twenty-nine thousand, four hundred and ninety-eight mangoes.